about the artist

Annie destito

Hello my name is Annie. I am a glass artist creating work in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of up state NY.   This medium has changed my life. The things i have learned along the way have just been amazing. 

I took my first classes at Corning NY in April of 1998 and I was hooked after that. I have worked with quite a few other glass artist during my study so far and hope to meet and work with many more.

When I was a young child i spent most of my days creating things with my hands. I always knew in my heart that i would do this for a long time. It has always just felt right to create new items.   I remember when I was in high schoolI I got a scholarship to a  local college to study  studio art.  It was this time frame in my life that really changed everything for me.  I love art but had not found my medium yet.  We did a lot of 2 demecsional drawing and painting and 3 demensional with ceramics.. My second love will always be ceramics.  It was glass that spoke to me.  It has a certain fluidity about it.   For me i think in 3 demensional images so i see things and out they come.  Its quite amazing even to me.   I think that's why i am still doing it.  Each day is so new and such a strange experience.   I often think while i work that I am on a huge ball of mud sailing through space at god knows what speed and here I am this little ant making a fancy art glass item.    Just an interesting thought!!

I think i find most of my inspiration in the world around me.  I have 2 lovely dogs, both are rescued from different times in my life.   Lady bug is 9 yrs old and is a black lab. She keeps me laughing with the dainty way she looks at the world and how she hates to get her feet dirty in the mud.

Most recently i adopted jake.  He is a 13 yr old black lab male with lots of spunk.  He has a limpy leg or two but so far he is doing great, and he loves his bed.. I think its the first real bed he has ever had..


Last i have a black bunny name fu fu bunikins.  she too is a rescue as her old owners never fed her.  I am pleased to say he is now a chubby black bunny with all the food she could want.. She also dose a few tricks for treats..


Life has been interesting thus far, and i can only see my self creating even more art.. so stay tuned..........

to contact me

annie @the studio 518 942 6560